Baby Life - a chain of children's clothing, toys and accessories stores for mothers and their children In Kazakhstan. The main task set by the client is to show the connection between mother and child in the visual part of the brand.

After diagnosing the current state of the business and packaging, we generally rebranded and created a new logo.
When designing the logo, it was decided to use a pin and graphic part. In the graphic part of the logo, a holistic image of mother and child was used, which is associated with a business niche. Delicate and thin lines give the logo softness, the charm of a quiet family hearth and the simple joys of married life, full of worries and love. That is why we used pastel colors for easy perception of the brand. The font part must be readable on any of the media and therefore the font is chosen as simple and concise as possible.

We also developed the design of corporate identity media and prepared it for printing; visual adaptability of the brand on any media and sizes is important for us. We have prepared templates and instructions for using branded identity elements of this brand. The result is a practical corporate identity that company employees can easily apply on their own.