The client set the task for us to create a brand that specializes in roasting and selling coffee beans from plantations in Asia. It was necessary to convey the flavor of the origin of coffee as much as possible and emphasize the high quality of raw materials.

The idea of creating a brand started with a name. We have come up with an absolute exclusive word - "Espako". The name "Espako" is soft to pronounce and at the same time with its own special exotic message.

Next, we added a descriptor indicating the premium quality of this coffee. Then we decided on the main color and added the main element - the coffee bean. Green was chosen as the dominant color because it conveys the tropical environment of the plantations where the grains are harvested.

The task when creating the packaging design was not to overload the layout with unnecessary objects, so that the potential client would draw their attention to important information. We have developed a 3D projection of the logo - added a distinctive feature to avoid a boring conceptual solution.

We decided that the main color would be black, due to which, in contrast, highlight the main information with a bright color. The brand concept turned out to be easy to understand and memorable.