Euro Capital is a car pawnshop with many years of experience. The company applied for a comprehensive packaging of the brand for various media - t-shirts, pens, cars, badges, etc. to convey the seriousness and high level of the service provided.

The main composition of the Euro Capital logo contains graphics and fonts, created in an easy-to-perceive conceptual style.

The font part is used in full in cases where it is necessary to place the logo on horizontal or vertically elongated media.

The brand name displays the capital letter of the word Euro and at the same time the currency. As an independent part, it is used in cases where it is necessary to place a logo in a minimum size, indicating the presence of the brand. An example of such use can be the placement of a sign on pens, in social networks.
The concept uses four colors, namely: Indigo (blue), white, black and blue.