ITS offers IT services of any complexity: company development strategy, digital transformation, import substitution in the field of information technology. Clients are companies that have problems with IT services: non-qualified specialists, incorrectly established processes, inefficient methods of approach to work.

After analyzing the client's market, we sought to distinguish the company from competitors and create an innovative project. Designers of «Verlox» reflected in the logo not an image, but a pin style of the company's name. With only three letters, we managed to achieve a rather interesting result, moving away from banal solutions. We also introduced a descriptor, because when you see a three-letter logo, it is not immediately clear who it is and what it is for. We managed to make a rectangular shape from the name and descriptor, which is easy to perceive and looks concise.

The designers have chosen to use only the English spelling of the name for the actual and modern perception of the brand. The main shades of the brand are discreet, bright, inspiring confidence. Blue is the main color, red and white are the accent colors, and black is the secondary color.

So that the identity does not look boring, we created a pattern that added dynamics. The lines of the pattern symbolize the labyrinth in which the client has fallen, and with the help of ITS, he will successfully cope with all the difficulties.

To attract new customers, it is very important to have a digital service. As part of this project, the Verlox team developed a landing page that is adaptive for different media, created according to a special structure to attract as many conversions as possible. The ITS company will approach any issue wisely and will pay due attention at every stage of solving the task.