JAPAKE is a Japanese restaurant and delivery network, we have developed a whole brand identity package for them.

Also, Verlox was inspired by the traditional Japanese writing system and Japanese cuisine, food culture. That is why, by the way, the font part of the graphic logo is vaguely reminiscent of Japanese traditional characters, not Latin English.

In addition, JAPAKE brand identity and graphic logo can be applied in a variety of media, from badges to billboards. Color combinations are based on the use of three primary colors: black, red, and beige. This combination of colors is not only another reference to the "Japanese" nature of this project, but also makes possible the visual play of the various graphic elements that make up the JAPAKE graphic logo. For example, the sun-like circle and pointed bamboo leaves.

Finally, the graphic and visual pattern of JAPAKE (as an integral part of the identity of this brand), was successfully designed by Verlox from the same elements of the graphic logo, its primary colors and base components.