The graphic logo «MIGLIOR» is represented by two sky-blue alpine peaks, which in turn are two drops of the purest artesian water from East Kazakhstan, where this artesian source originates, turned from bottom to top. In addition to the clearly articulated aesthetic and ecological meanings, this graphic logo also has a "1981" digital part. This is the year of the beginning of operation of this artesian source, reminding all potential connoisseurs of the brand about the established reputation and full trust of customers.

We have created a holistic brand book for «MIGLIOR», where the logo consists of individual lines of artesian water flow trajectories, thus symbolizing the generally irreversible movement and unconditional freedom of movement of the artesian flow.

The U-shaped base of the graphic part of the logo is, as it were, a logical completion of the form, which, apart from this, does not have any other additional meanings. Each individual element of this logo can be used separately, depending on the size and capacity of the media. For example, only the 3D graphic part of the logo can be used, or only the graphic and digital part together with «1981», or finally the graphic, digital and name together.

The naming «MIGLIOR» was created by a design agency using our own exclusive method of conceptual word formation. In addition, in order to sell this artesian water in supermarkets in Kazakhstan, we have developed a line of labels for various water containers for the client, namely 0.33 liters, 0.5 liters, 0.75 liters, 5 liters. We have developed a whole range of products for the «MIGLIOR» brand identity, including also a logo, visual identity elements and products, a name, as well as a brand book.

The last thing that remains to be added is that we also created a landing page for the client in order to attract customers and familiarize potential buyers with «MIGLIOR» products.
Arnna Minerals approached us to create a brand. Thanks to the proposed approach and our own methodology, we have achieved the desired result - we have created a brand with the positioning of a market leader. The «MIGLIOR» brand created by us is, first of all, artesian water extracted at the foot of the mountains of East Kazakhstan with a balanced taste. The water is treated with ultraviolet rays according to German technology.

Solving the task, a unique brand book was developed, which contains the ideological essence of the brand and guidance on the use of the logo, fonts and corporate colors. This detailed guidance ensures that employees, partners and contractors alike understand how to properly interact with your new «MIGLIOR» brand.

«MIGLIOR» is a clean, useful, neat and noble brand, designed for the premium segment of consumers who care about their health and are willing to pay for high quality water.

Presentation video «MIGLIOR»

ARNNA MINERALS LLP produces natural drinking water under the brand name «MIGLIOR».

Developing, day by day, we maintain the standards of technology and the high quality of our products.

The «MIGLIOR» brand was created by Verlox.