"Killer Coffee"

Omarova Diana


Akhmetova Amina

First, we turned to the Verlox agency for the development of a logo. We chose an agency among others, focusing on adequate prices and the quality of existing projects. We liked your design. This is probably why the concept of the logo was approved from the first submission of the variant. Then we needed to pack the boxes. The project was embodied again by Verlox. Everything was as usual on the level. Special thanks for the communication with the printing industry, we do not understand anything about this. This is a big plus of your agency of course.
"Euro Capital"
We are delighted with both the final result and the process of working with Verlox! The guys took into account our wishes and were very attentive to the stage of the briefing, they did it right the first time.

When the brand book project was shown to the team, everyone was delighted! They said that it is not comparable with our previous concept. Now for the packaging only to you!

Abdulaev Nurbek

«Baby Life»

Shevchenko Lena

The request to Verlox was, on the one hand, simple, and on the other hand, it was necessary to rack your brains. It was necessary to package the brand with a price policy above average, but without the use of typical gold monograms. The main colors were discussed immediately, the brief was quickly filled out. Of course, we expected that we would like it, but we were simply delighted with the end result. What level of presentation of the project the guys have is simple. In general, everything was on the level, they took into account all our wishes, proposed new color combinations and embodied in the project!
As a result, we are very satisfied with the work with your agency Verlox. Despite the fact that there were many participants among us, you achieved the desired result. Therefore, we are grateful to the agency for such a high level of service. You have a good relationship with the client. All questions were answered quickly (even on weekends). I also want to say that I was pleased with the adequate price for the amount of work that was provided.
To enter the French market, we needed a complete brand packaging.
I contacted the Verlox agency, the manager Maxim talked to me for a long time, he explained everything, all the details of the work. I am more than satisfied with the quality of the work of the agency. Everything was done on time, as promised, they provided a presentation of our project, in fact, thanks to it, it was easier to decide on the direction of the brand concept.
In general, I want to say a big thank you to the studio and now I know who to contact with regards to design!
The task was to pack a cosmetics store with our target audience in mind. We contacted the Verlox agency. Consultant Maxim pointed out that naming is also necessary to develop a brand concept, which I did not think about and did not know. I decided to entrust everything to them. I was very pleased with the development of packaging for the store. To approve the necessary naming and logo, I turned to the female audience of our company. Together, Verlox fulfilled all my wishes and beautifully designed. Thank you again!

Kupa Egor


Kolomoets Anna

Ordered a logo from Verlox. I was very demanding and picky in the process. Most other agencies or freelancers would have sent with such meticulousness long ago, but not these guys. They treated with understanding and were very involved in the work, boldly offered solutions, made a cool presentation of the project and worked out everything to the smallest detail!

Thank you for your hard work and loyalty!
Hello! I ordered a brand book from you. Cases were hooked. They were shown to me as soon as we met. The quality is immediately visible. Didn't even look for others. Initially, I liked the idea of the agency regarding my project from the first presentation. The agency knows how to make the wow effect of course. Thank you for your cooperation!

Nikitenko Diana


Kornienko Danil

"Grau Coffee"
Good afternoon! Our clinic needed a website. On the recommendation of friends, we turned to the Verlox agency. Work on the project started immediately after our request. I was very surprised by the feedback even after hours, as we had a time difference with you. Thank you for a job well done on our project. We are glad to continue cooperation with you again! We are working on a new project!
We express our deep gratitude to your studio for the excellent professional work on the brand book. It was a pleasure to work with you!!! We are very pleased with the result of your work!

Many thanks especially to you, Nikita, for your sensitive attitude towards customers!

Semyon Lazarev


Nikita Kondratov

The Verlox team promptly developed a brand book for us as part of the provided project of our company. We were very pleased with the responsiveness of the managers and the quality of the work of the designers. I especially want to cancel the chic concept that makes the project really unique. I highly recommend this studio if you want great results in a short time.
"Oxford medical"
We were looking for a contractor to design the restaurant. It turned out to be a difficult task in our country. Verlox had acceptable conditions for cooperation, plus we knew the project that they were doing in Kazakhstan. We were advised what would be more profitable to order for us and what we do not need at all. We settled on the brand book design. After 10 days, we already received the first sketches and were very impressed. As a result, there were practically no edits. We were on the same wavelength. Thank you for your hard work.

Abdullayev Amir


Viktor Tikhon

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