«Take Bodrogo» is a brand that, in addition to delicious coffee and hot dog gives positive emotions and warmth to each of its visitors. This is exactly what every person is looking for among gray and busy everyday life! Just like our visitors, we are kind and positive. Cheerful is the image of a friend for every client. Coffee houses
«Take Bodrogo» is the place where you leave with a smile and a positive charge for the whole day.
We have created a brand with easy and simple communication in a social environment.

Author's crossed, thinned composition, sing-song spaciousness - all this helps to grow the logo «Take Bodrogo» as much as possible recognizable in any kind of contexts.

The move to more accent white and manageable range of distinctive secondary colors, allows our premium black to continue to work for us. This allows us to feel lighter and brighter. We also have a distinctive orange color to draw attention to important details.